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This is the part I do not like.

My name is Craig and I have recently moved to the Bath area.

I have started a new adventure and created Red Full Stop. Where did i get the name from?….. It came to me through my partner and just stuck. I have over 10 experience in design and marketing, working for myself or for other design businesses.

I believe a design has to be just as user friendly as it is eye-catching. You can have the best-looking website in the world, but if it doesn’t engage with your customers in the methods needed, then what’s the point? That being said, design is also a key part of what I offer, and i believe less is more. Clean, bold,  and simple design! You wont get flashy text, content flying all over the page, and bright, hard to read text here. I like effective, clean, user friendly design that makes your customers smile and your business more successful.

I dont like to work on numbers and getting clients complete and out the door.  I am looking for a long-term business relationship, not a one night stand. I enjoy working with businesses of all sizes and helping them grow and love hearing all the positive feedback 😄

I work on a basis of pay once you received what you were promised as why wouldn’t I? So if you are looking to re-brand, start a business,  or would simply like to grow your existing online presence, why not drop me a message or call today, and we can meet for coffee. It may just be the best coffee you have ever had!

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Web • Branding • Development

We are all going to sell ourselves as being the best on the market, but truth is, I have areas where I am stronger than others.

Fr. £495



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Interested in a new website, graphic design, or digital marketing services? I would love to hear about your project and learn how I can partner with you.

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